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Cynorsense Whitehat hackers enabled our clientele to fix and improve the security of your dream project. Our team is lead by the world renowned flagship hackers who have reported security issues to Google, Facebook, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple and more. 

Penetration testing service is very hard to choose. Every company that offers penetration testing services may not have the right team for the job. Hiring the right partner for security assessments can be a problem. So, its commonly settled with cheaper Pentest or cheaper security services. If you don't have internal expertise, choose the right service provider.

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you find the right penetration testing company:


  • Security service companies often perform better penetration tests than those that do just pentest services. Cynorsense is better subject matter expertise to cover the exact security requirements. 

  • Security companies sometimes use penetration tests to sell their main product. Choosing a company whose main products are security consulting (including pentesting) is safer. Cynorsense starts security services through penetration testing and OSINT.

  • A blog is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest security research and vulnerabilities discovered by penetration testers. It is also a good place to search for "CVEs," which are vulnerabilities in standard software that the company discovered during their work.

  • Exposures at conferences like BlackHat and DEF CON, Hack-in-the-Box, and CanSec West are a good indicator of the company's industry expertise. These are often signs that the company has the necessary expertise and experience. Cynorsense brings in that expertise at affordable prices for security testing or pentest.

  • Expertise between individuals can differ greatly, even within qualified companies. For the best penetration tests, ask senior security consultants. These people are credited with finding security vulnerabilities (CVEs) or have presented at industry conferences.



Web applications are always hit by hackers first. There are bots looking for entry points to your databases, api and poor code. Penetration testing web apps is not a choice anymore. It is part of the SDLC.


Threat model brings clarity to nuts and bolts of entire application and flow. Taxonomy of IT services is difficult to digest unless we have a diagram. Our expertise digest complex flows and help you fix weak links in IT.


Firewalls, Proxy's protect environment. Unless misconfigured or had been changing for users convenience. We justify rules that cannot be changed and become part of your perimeter strategy.


Cloud is double edge sword for today IT. Any misconfiguration or bad practices can lead to huge bills. We bring the expertise to cure the leaks become a part of your team.


WiFi, BLE, LoRA, ZigBee or any wireless points on devices or network would grant easy entry point for hackers with in the range.  We bring in expertise to wrap it to secure from vulnerability.


Find the insider who is prone to be attacked. 90% of success depends upon own users. Vulnerable user can cause more damage than the open port on firewalls. We identify the weak link.


We have continuous penetration services year long. We understand minor and major release cycles and we fit in your SDLC to make it happen.

Vulnerability Testing

CynorSense specializes in safeguarding digital assets and securing online identities. Our unique approach integrates vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, two vital components of a comprehensive security testing strategy. We meticulously analyze potential threats and weaknesses, offering actionable insights and measures to fortify your digital infrastructure.


Furthermore, we believe in proactive risk assessment that allows us to anticipate potential threats before they manifest, enabling us to build robust security frameworks tailored to each organization's unique needs. Committed to fostering a culture of data security, we recognize the importance of compliance with international standards and regulations. Whether it's a data breach incident or continuous security maintenance, we offer end-to-end solutions for all your cybersecurity needs. Discover more about our services at and invest in your cybersecurity today.

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