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Automotive Cyber Security: UNECE WP.29?

Updated: May 8, 2023

Your ultimate guide to automotive cyber security.

Automotive Cyber Security
Automotive Cyber SSecurity

UNECE WP.29 & ISO/SAE 21434 - New Automotive Cybersecurity Standards

The ISO/SAE Joint Working Group on telecommunications standards comprises individual project groups. ISO/SAE 21434, for example, shall be applied to vehicles, connections, subsystems, hardware, and data. In a nutshell, these standards specify requirements for vehicle technical communication systems. In addition, it identifies the types of telecommunications connections the standard should support.


The UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE standards were developed to meet modern vehicles' increasing complexity


of electronic components and communications. For example, ISO 26262 was developed to address the safety of vehicle electronics and the SAE J3061 to meet security requirements. However, as the number of vehicle cyber security incidents continues to increase, a new standard is emerging for the automotive industry. In August of 2021, ISO/SAE 21434 will become the new cybersecurity standard for the automotive industry.


Automotive Industrial Standards
ISO/SAE 21434

UNECE has adopted ISO/SAE 21434 as a standard for automobiles. ISO/SAE 21434 helps manufacturers create CSMS processes to meet type approval requirements. It came into force at the beginning of 2021. There are two binding dates for harmonizing ISO/SAE 21434 with UNECE standards. In 2022, UNECE member countries will apply the requirements of the 1958 Agreement to new vehicle types, and in 2024, for all vehicles.


Two organizations are working to develop standards for the automotive industry. One is SAE International, a professional association of engineering professionals. The other organization, ISO, is an international standard-setting organization with representatives from different national standards organizations. Together, these organizations help manufacturers protect themselves from cybersecurity risks and maintain the integrity of their vehicles. ISO/SAE 21434 focused on cybersecurity in vehicles and was published in August.


CYNORSENSE INTEGRITY RTOS adopts new standards that help automotive manufacturers and suppliers design and deploys secure software-defined systems in their connected vehicles. The draft standard ISO/SAE 21434 is an international standard aiming to help vehicle manufacturers manage cybersecurity risks. It includes a comprehensive set of controls to protect connected vehicles from attacks and fraud. In addition to addressing the cybersecurity risks associated with connected vehicles, this standard also supports the security of vehicle suppliers and manufacturers.

Joint Working Group

The joint ISO/SAE effort is responsible for developing technical standards for the development of intelligent transport systems in road vehicles. These standards address automotive cyber security. This work is closely aligned with ETSI TC ITS's activities, which conduct a Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Analysis. SG17 should coordinate with both groups to address cybersecurity challenges in the automotive industry.

Appreciate your time and patience for reading our post. We keep updating information on current automotive cyber security standards. Cynorsense is a team which works with top automotive manufacturers to keep them safe from cybersecurity issues.

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